API additions

  • Added “AllocateElemmat”.


API additions

  • Added “AllocateQtensor”, “AllocateQscalar”, “AllocateDofval”, “AllocateNodevec”, “AllocateElemvec”.

API changes

  • Removing Paraview interface: replaced by external libraries “XDMFWrite_HighFive” and “XDMFWrite_h5py”
  • Element*: “dV” now only returns raw data, the “asTensor” member function (and free function) can be used to convert the ‘qscalar’ to a ‘qtensor’
  • Separating sparse solver in separate class to offer more flexibility in the future
  • Adding “dot” to “Matrix”

Other updates

  • Applying clang-format to source, python API, tests, and examples.
  • Adding test GMatElastoPlasticQPot
  • Adding test based on hybrid material definitions
  • Formatting update: renaming all return variables “out” to “ret”
  • Correction zero allocation to allows for dofval.size() > nodevec.size()
  • Formatting update xt::amax and xt::sum
  • Renaming private function to begin with caps when the function allocates its return data
  • Reducing copies when using Eigen
  • Reducing default size examples
  • Supporting Windows (#87)
  • Removing xtensor_fixed
  • Using xt::has_shape